For many years, Seawave Media has been a trusted consumer data provider for marketers across a range of industries, from media startups to international pensions providers. Thanks to the rise in smartphones and other mobile devices, the demand for this type of data has snowballed over the last few years, and big data is now frequently being used to merge modern technology with old-fashioned customer service styles.
In fact, the technology used to enable analytics and the use of datasets has now become so advanced it’s opening up new levels of customer service within financial services and banking.
Major banks around the world, such as The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), are already seeing the benefits. RBS has invested over £100 million in its IT infrastructure in order to provide it with the capabilities to re-engage with customers. By improving technology and enabling greater access to customer data, the group aims to understand and address the individual needs and circumstances of its customers, thus strengthening its position when it comes to offering them the bank’s services.
So what does this mean for other companies within financial services? Well, there are two main areas of opportunity. Firstly, improvements in technology and data analytics are enabling marketers to connect and re-engage with their existing customer base. And secondly, services like consumer list rental from financial services data providers like Seawave Media are helping marketers from within the banking and financial services sector to connect with new customers.
When it comes to revitalising customer relations and driving new customer acquisition, there’s nothing quite like data to drive things forward.

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