Consumer Profiled Data

Consumer data is now considered among the most important business assets. With access to reliable, up-to-date consumer data, you can adapt your marketing strategies to more efficiently and effectively target your audience. Our consumer data is collected very 24 hours and is fully compliant, which means you can always rely on our data to inform and improve your campaigns.

We collect data daily via the following sources and all data is verified for TPS and MPS:

  • Our affiliate call centres
  • Telephone and online surveys
  • Online purchases
  • Registration insurance
  • Finance enquiries.

Our clients can select from more than 40 variables, including age, employment, income and demographics. We provide data to clients across a wide range of industries including finance, home, motor, travel, lifestyle, energy, consumer warranty and insurance. We offer the very best data, customised to your target customer, your sales strategy, your sales team size and your data budget.

Seawave Media is your one-stop-shop for fully DPA code of practice and EU Electronic Communication Act-compliant data that is always reliable and will boost your ROI.

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