Over the last decade, significant advancements in technology have pushed the world of business into over-drive, but it seems that many marketers are still struggling to understand their customers. According to a recent report, 38 per cent of marketing professionals have cited “knowing their customers” as their top challenge for 2016, suggesting businesses are failing to keep up with the advancement of mobile technology and the demands of modern consumers.
As a top data provider, Seawave Media knows just how vital consumer mobile data and consumer lifestyle survey leads can be to the success of modern businesses. In fact, the Experian Digital Marketer Report suggests that many marketing professionals are underestimating the role of consumer data in their ability to understand their audience, with 52 per cent revealing one of their top three priorities is “enhancing their customer knowledge”.
Similar reports have also noted the affect of recent developments in mobile technology on consumer attitudes, with many consumers now expecting businesses to use SMS data and live web leads to create seamless and bespoke brand experiences anywhere in the world.
The impact of advancing technology on marketing isn’t new, with the rise of social media acting as one of the first triggers for a move away from customer experiences being personalised by nothing but gender, age and location. However, thanks to innovations in modern consumer data, businesses now have access to detailed data that can inform them of almost anything, from whether a customer is expecting a baby to the location of their next holiday.
There is clearly a challenge to be overcome by the marketing industry when it comes to customer understanding, but fully compliant data delivered by UK list brokers like Seawave Media looks tipped to be the solution.
By working with highly detailed information, marketers can enhance their understanding of their customers and target customers and ensure that they’re sending the right message to the right people.