There are a very few UK companies not using, or planning to use, consumer data to enhance their services. Investment companies in particular can reap the rewards of data while seeking new investors and analysing the market.
However, as positive as data can be for a business, there are a number of compliance hurdles that can leave many companies wary of the potential risks involved. Consumer data providers and UK list brokers are rapidly cementing their position as the solution to this growing problem, helping investment marketers stay one step ahead of their competition without risking costly data breaches.

Why Use a Consumer Data Provider?

Top data providers like Seawave Media provide businesses with fully compliant consumer data that meets industry regulations and removes the risk for companies in need of data sets and leads. Almost every industry across the country can gain access to data that provides insight into customer behaviour, but this comes at a steep price if the data does not meet UK and EU regulations.
The rapidly increasing popularity of data analytics has recently prompted a number of regulators to tighten controls, forcing businesses to repeatedly update their data compliance procedures in order to remain within the law.
The Joint Committee of the European Supervisory Authorities (JCESA) is one of the latest organisations to announce possible changes to data rules, stating that it plans to scrutinise data use and identify any regulatory measures that might need to be taken to increase consumer protection. Although this is good news for consumers, it does mean more red tape for UK businesses.
However, consumer data providers can prevent companies from breaking compliance rules by taking on the responsibility of data compliance. At Seawave Media, we provide businesses with fully compliant consumer data that meets industry regulations and removes the risk for companies in need of data sets and lead generation.

Data Providers and the Investment Industry

Data brokers are already being utilised by the financial sector to help businesses obtain fresh industry information. Data such as ISA leads, insurance leads and debt management data is regularly updated and supplied by data providers like Seawave. For companies within the investment industry, the use of consumer data providers can be very lucrative, helping businesses to reduce the cost of customer acquisition and stay ahead of competitors.
One of the fastest paced industries in the world, the investment sector frequently relies on fresh data to make or break time sensitive opportunities. Top data providers and UK list brokers are quickly becoming the go-to solution for investment businesses, providing fast and accurate investment data without compromising on compliance.
Property investment, for example, has been boosted by UK residential data and investor leads with some companies already using data to produce risk scores for regional real estate, while others are making use of data brokers to acquire an accurate investor list, which can help save time and reduce costs.
In other areas of the investment industry, investors are now able to use data to help them analyse a property’s history and even assess the financial reliability of prospective buyers.
Although the type of data varies across the board, it is clear that the industry as a whole is benefiting from the use of UK list brokers. Whether utilised on a daily, weekly, or project-by-project basis, data providers are ensuring investment companies keep on the right side of the law in a rapidly changing industry while providing fully compliant leads.

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