The energy sector is facing profound challenges to hold its place in the changing modern world. Perhaps the greatest of these challenges is the quest for a sustainable business model and a steady stream of custom in the era of renewable energy.
Consumer data providers like Seawave Media are here to help, providing energy companies with home owner data and leads to fuel energy sales plans.

A changing energy market

Over the past few decades, demand for renewable energy sources has increased substantially. The gross mass of renewable energy being consumed in the EU, for instance, has tripled since 1990, and environmental concerns ensure that this trend is highly unlikely to reverse.
These rapid and substantial changes in the way the energy sector operates provide profound challenges to energy providers looking to carve out sustainable business models that can cater to this changing demand, whilst maintaining an all-important steady and reliable profit margin.
In more recent years, the government-sponsored push for consumers to have smart metres installed has created both opportunities and further challenges for energy companies. With reports suggesting that smart metres make it more difficult for customers to change providers, energy companies have the benefit of a more stable customer base. But at the same time there are new challenges in attracting new customers.

Fully compliant home owner data

External lead generation from companies like Seawave can help give companies the competitive edge in this demanding business environment.
Fresh, opted-in home owner data can help improve sales efficiency and result in an optimised marketing strategy, for a number of reasons:

  • First up, your marketing team can save valuable time and money generating quality leads.
  • Secondly, the data you receive will be optimised to the needs of your individual sector and business. We use customised surveys to gather home owner data that includes exactly the information you need to know.
  • Finally, as consumer data experts, Seawave Media will provide you with compliant data as standard. With the GDPR coming into force in May 2018, it’s becoming in-creasingly challenging for businesses to manage their own data operations. Working with a dedicated consumer data provider can help take the pressure off.

Our team here at Seawave Media are experts in providing the high quality, optimised, effective, and fully compliant home owner data energy companies need to succeed.

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