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Seawave Media is a consumer data provider dedicated to helping organisations optimise their business and further their success through the use of fully compliant data.

Our industry-leading expertise and opt-in data generation techniques have enabled hundreds of businesses to elevate their marketing strategies to their full potential.

Diverse Direct Marketing Services

Our leading range of direct marketing services help businesses realise their marketing goals. Seawave works alongside trusted data aggregators and expert telemarketing affiliates to offer a variety of lead generation and marketing services, each of which can be customised and adapted to suit the requirements of individual campaigns.

Among our most popular services are lead generation and data collection, which deliver a variety of B2C lists based on client requirements and campaign goals. We offer a full range of expert-generated data leads, including home owner data, SMS leads, email lists, consumer landline data, mobile list and call centre leads.

Our experienced team also provide campaign management services and business process outsourcing, which aim to reduce marketing costs while maximising efficiency and increasing ROI for our clients.

Accurate Consumer Data

Accurate consumer data is proving to be an increasingly important contributor to the success of modern businesses. Seawave Media specialise in providing reliable data from its professional and secure partners. We provide a wide range of products and services that span a variety of industries from homeowner data, consumer warranty data, financial data, to insurance leads and investor lists.

Each of our telemarketing affiliates and lead generators meet the same high standards, delivering high quality leads and comprehensive data lists within strict compliance laws.

Compliant Lead Generation

Every day we collect fresh, accurate and fully compliant consumer data that can be delivered to your business safely and securely. We also offer B2B verified leads for small and medium businesses from reliable and honest sources, working alongside our partners to offer UK wide lead generation with optional industry-specific customisation.

Our affiliated call centres cover a wide range of sectors, all successful in delivering high contact rates and good conversion, while meeting the responsibilities of UK and EU compliance regulations.

Data Tailored to Your Business

Our dedicated team can work directly with you to collect the data you need. From bespoke questions to categorised data lists, our professional team of data specialists deliver high quality data that’s specifically adapted to meet your business goals.

Thanks to constant research and dedicated telemarketers, we are also able to offer exceptional value to businesses, generating thousands of leads and consumer data records every day.

If you’re in looking for reliable and compliant consumer data, contact Seawave Media to find out more about what we can offer your business.

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Field of Services

Consumer Lifestyle

All calls are recorded and on a daily basis we randomly check the quality of our opt-in consumer lifestyle survey leads and raw consumer lifestyle survey data.


SMS & Email Data

Seawave Media supplies SMS data and we also have available SMS broadcasting services if you require it. Our sms data base consists of fully opt in and HLRed mobile data.


Consumer Profiled Data

All calls are recorded and on a daily basis we randomly check the quality of our opt-in consumer lifestyle survey leads and raw consumer lifestyle survey data.



Consumer Data

Financial Leads


Investment Leads

Warranty Data

Debt Management Leads

Energy Data

SMS Data