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Seawave Media specialise in providing a range of professional data services designed to help our clients capitalise on the value of consumer information and ultimately grow their brand. By providing high quality, fresh data, our team help companies save time and money.

Fully compliant data is fast becoming the key to achieving business success, offering unparalleled insights to help identify potential customers, gather real information regarding their lifestyles and target sales messages and approaches. With data, companies are accessing opportunities to expand their customer base through expertly implemented lead generation.

From telemarketing to outsourced business processes, Seawave Media delivers the range of data services a company needs to remain at the top of their industry.

Business Process Outsourcing

At Seawave Media we know that modern business moves quickly so we offer a range of outsourcing solutions to help keep costs down while maximising efficiency – enabling our customers to continue to meet their goals as they evolve.

To help businesses excel, we offer a variety of business process outsourcing services including HR outsourcing, IT outsourcing, software outsourcing, sales and marketing outsourcing, call centre outsourcing, legal process outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing and document collection.

Please contact our team to find out more about our outsourcing services or to discuss your business requirements.


Delivering one of our most popular outsourcing services, Seawave Media’s telemarketing partners have a wealth of experience in the consumer and B2B markets across a wide variety of vertical market sectors. Our telemarketers generate thousands of consumer data records each day, collecting fresh leads that provide valuable information to businesses.

Through our telemarketing service we interact with customers on our clients’ behalf, generating current and reliable leads and consumer data sets. We can even provide bespoke telemarketing options, so there’s the option to receive data precisely targeted to a niche sector or business.

For more information or to discuss your telemarketing requirements, please click here to visit our contact page.

Data Cleansing

Seawave knows how important accurate and fresh data is, which is why we launched our data cleansing service for TPS, MPS, FPS and CTPS data. Our data cleansing service is the perfect way to ensure leads are as precise as possible.

Implemented by a team of data experts, the data cleansing process is designed to remove incorrect, incomplete or duplicated results from data sets, helping companies to save money.

A drive to reduce costs is just one of the reasons businesses contact us for data cleansing services. Other major motivations include increased response rates, brand protection and safeguarding against compliance issues caused by changes in legislation.

Talk to one of our data specialists to find out how data cleansing could help your business succeed.

Lead Generation

Many businesses choose to employ our lead generation service. With the help of our multiple channel partners, we’re able to offer businesses the choice of live and qualified leads, as generated through our partner call centres. We have the expertise to deliver everything from homeowner lists and consumer data, to debt lists and loan leads.

Our dedicated team create thousands of new leads every day, so there’s no need to work with old or incorrect data. Seawave Media’s accurate data leads are also fully compliant, so our customers act in confidence, knowing they are working legally and responsibly while securing a business advantage.

Contact Seawave Media today to find out more about our services or to discuss your organisation’s data requirements.

SMS Marketing

Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly dominant as smartphone usage continues to rise. To make sure our clients take advantage of this trend Seawave Media offers carefully sourced and fully compliant SMS data services. All of our SMS leads are fully opt-in and subject to HLR mobile data validation, which ensures each data set is active and accurate at the time of delivery.

Our SMS experts also provide data cleansing and SMS broadcasting services, which help our clients to transition successfully from data collection to the implementation of their marketing campaign.

Contact our SMS data experts if you would like to find out more about how we can help your business grow.

Email Marketing

Email data remains an important and popular addition to modern marketing campaigns, and Seawave Media has access to millions of opt-in consumer email addresses that help our clients succeed. As well as industry customisation, we offer a selection of more than 40 different demographics to help enhance results and increase email marketing success rates for businesses of any size.

At Seawave Media, our data teams aim to assist our clients in every stage of their marketing campaign. Once businesses have access to our vast email list, we provide a variety of additional services including email campaign design and email broadcast, which is achieved with the support of our trusted multi-channel partners.

Speak to our email marketing specialists to find out more about how email marketing could help you reach your sales goals.

Lifestyle Survey Leads

Seawave Media provides consumer lifestyle survey leads to businesses from almost every industry in the UK. Offering a more detailed overview of consumers, our survey leads can be delivered on a raw, embellished or opt-in basis, with the latter allowing advisors to return calls to contacts without breaching compliance regulations.

Our clients often request customised survey leads in order to refine their lead generation results. Generally, this is achieved through use of sponsored questions, which can be used either in isolation or in combination with our standard consumer lifestyle questions.

Regardless of the chosen level of customisation, all lifestyle surveys are included in a random quality check to ensure consistently high data standards and full compliance with every contact.

Please click here to visit our contact page and request more information about our consumer lifestyle survey leads.

Data Appending

Seawave specialises in more than just data collection. We offer our clients a range of data cleansing services to help enhance their in-house data and elevate it to its full potential. The process of appending data can be particularly beneficial to businesses, helping to boost response rates, increase lead generation channel options and narrow targeting to boost ROI.

Data appending is the process of filling in the gaps in your data, combining contact details with lifestyle variables to create a more rounded view of each person. This can even be achieved for single channel data, which undergoes reverse appending to generate a full set of data from a single email address or telephone number.

Contact Seawave today if you would like to learn more about data appending or find out how it could help your business.

Call Centre Services

Call centres are at the heart of Seawave Media, helping to deliver our popular telemarketing services and generate thousands of consumer data records daily. From scripting lifestyle surveys to validating our vast data lists, our call centre marketers make the most of each and every call to help our clients flourish.

Our call centres deliver a range of data collection services including standard lead generation and customised consumer lifestyle surveys at the request of our clients. Structure questions can be included to improve the efficiency of data lists and enhance individual campaigns.

To find out if our call centres could save your business time and money, please contact Seawave Media via our contact page.

Campaign Management

Seawave Media’s campaign management services don’t end with data collection. We work with our clients to generate a precise lead profile, which is then used to precisely target the management of a marketing campaign from start to finish.

Our experience creating multi-channel campaigns ranges from small businesses to international organisations, each of which requires a tailored approach to ensure ROI is achieved. Seawave’s campaign management service options include customised data collection, validation and compliance checks, lead formatting, multi-channel broadcasting and optimisation.

Contact Seawave today if you would like to find out more about campaign management or discuss your requirements.

Online Lead Generation

As online lead generation experts, Seawave have the experience to create industry-specific online surveys that produce thousands of unique leads each week. Working alongside our affiliates, we quickly and efficiently validate fully compliant data during the data collection process to ensure optimised campaign results for our clients.

Online lead generation spans a range of channels, but online consumer surveys and email lists are two of the most cost effective and time efficient on offer. Our online lead experts capture and deliver data in real-time without compromising quality or compliance, so businesses receive reliable data that works on ROI.

If you would like to discover the benefits of our marketing techniques, visit our contact page and speak to one of our online lead generation experts.