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SMS Marketing

Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly dominant as smartphone usage continues to rise. To make sure our clients take advantage of this trend Seawave Media offers carefully sourced and fully compliant SMS data services. All of our SMS leads are fully opt-in and subject to HLR mobile data validation, which ensures each data set is active and accurate at the time of delivery.

Our SMS experts also provide data cleansing and SMS broadcasting services, which help our clients to transition successfully from data collection to the implementation of their marketing campaign.

Contact our SMS data experts if you would like to find out more about how we can help your business grow.

Email Marketing

Email data remains an important and popular addition to modern marketing campaigns, and Seawave Media has access to millions of opt-in consumer email addresses that help our clients succeed. As well as industry customisation, we offer a selection of more than 40 different demographics to help enhance results and increase email marketing success rates for businesses of any size.

At Seawave Media, our data teams aim to assist our clients in every stage of their marketing campaign. Once businesses have access to our vast email list, we provide a variety of additional services including email campaign design and email broadcast, which is achieved with the support of our trusted multi-channel partners.

Speak to our email marketing specialists to find out more about how email marketing could help you reach your sales goals.