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Debt Consolidation & Loan Decline

We supply loan decline data including debt consolidation loan decline data. To discuss your loan decline and debt consolidation loan decline requirements please contact us.

Debt Management Data

Debt Management Data – Choose Seawave Media as your supplier of quality debt management data

Debt Management Data is in high demand from debt management companies who buy debt management data, so they can acquire new customers for their debt management plans.

We sell various types of debt management data. All our debt management data comes with a replacement policy, or instead we give an oversupply of the debt management data


1. Debt managment survey data, every day we supply our debt management company clients with hundreds of fresh debt management data records collected from our debt management data surveys. This debt management data is no more than 24 hours old. Our telephone agents are trained to collect the required debt management information in a sensitive way that does not alienate people. All calls are recorded and our quality maintenance team ensure that the debt management data is accurate, targeted and fresh.

2. In debt management data – we collect data of people who are already on a debt management plan. These leads are collected by telesurveys, and also we have the ability to provide online ‘in debt management’ data records from our partner web sites

3. Debt consolidation loan declines – we supply loan declines and debt consolidation loan declines, both in England and Scotland. We can supply the details of the specific lender and the amount that was borrowed

To discuss your debt management data requirements please email
Or call Tulip
Telephone: TULIP on 0845 056 3593
Mobile: TULIP on 07053 544966


Energy Switch Data

Energy Switch Data – Buy from Seawave Media – the Energy Switch Data experts!

Seawave Media delivers thousands of energy switch survey data records and energy switch leads every week to gas and electricity companies.

Our energy switch survey data and leads are 24 hours fresh, and supplied by our partner call centres where the telemarketing agents are fully trained in and very experienced in generating energy switch data and leads.

We have two types of energy switch data/leads: energy switch data is where information is being collected from the customer about their energy purchasing habits, for example which company/companies they are currently using for their gas/electricity requirements. Energy switch ‘leads’ are where the customer expects a call back.

The energy switch data records and energy switch leads are delivered on an excel spreadsheet daily. Team managers regularly call the energy switch data and energy switch leads collected to ensure quality standards are maintained. We have a robust replacement policy in place. Those energy switch data records and energy switch leads that don’t meet our quality standards will be replaced. All calls are recorded.

To discuss your energy switch data and energy switch leads requirements please email or call Tulip

Telephone: TULIP on 0845 056 3593

Mobile: TULIP on 07053 544966

Investor Data

Seawave Media delivers fresh investor records of high net worth investors, all TPS screened and opted in. This includes people who are shareholders, people who invested in the AIMS market and people who have ISAS

Please contact us for information about our investor data, including prices.

Profiled Consumer Data

Profiled Consumer Data – Seawave Media: Consumer Data Specialists

Seawave Media is a leading UK provider of profiled consumer data. We deliver one of the largest databases in the country of profiled landline and mobile consumer data.

Our consumer data is:

Opted in
TPS screened
You can select profiled consumer data based on options like age, gender or geography according to the target market of the product or services you offer

Both consumer landline data and consumer mobile data are available

The profiled consumer data is accurate, cleansed and checked on a regular weekly basis

Please email for any of your data requirements and we will be happy to get the counts right back to you and sort your data supply quickly and efficiently

Seawave Media: your preferred supplier for profiled consumer data!

Sky Data

Seawave Media delivers Sky consumer survey leads and raw consumer data for Sky warranty and Sky maintenance companies. The leads and data are generated 24 hours fresh from the day before and come with a replacement policy. You can buy either raw, unimbellished data or otherwise leads where people have opted in to be called back by your advisor. Sponsored questions can be run in isolation or in combination with other consumer lifestyle survey questions.

All calls are recorded and on a daily basis we randomly check the quality of our opt-in consumer lifestyle survey leads and raw consumer lifestyle survey data.

Example of a Sky consumer lifestyle survey question

Do you receive your television programming through a Sky satellite dish?

We sell YES’s or NO’s or both, depending on what you need

The data can be further qualified if you require so that it becomes a Sky opt-in consumer lifestyle survey lead.

Solar Energy Data
Solar Energy Data, Solar Panel Data, Solar Data

Seawave Media is a leading provider of Solar Energy Data, Solar Panel Data, and Solar Data (different names for the same type of data)

Every day we deliver hundreds of solar energy data records to solar energy companies and companies specializing in helping consumers who are interested in renewable energy and green products.

The telemarketing agents are trained to a high level and the quality control managers are dedicated to ensuring the solar energy data we deliver is correct and fresh.

The solar energy data records are supplied daily on an excel spreadsheet. There is a robust replacement policy in place. All telephone calls from the outbound call centres are recorded.

Seawave Media intends to be one of the leaders in delivering solar energy data records, for many years to come.

As well as telemarketed solar data we can supply online solar energy data which we collect on our partner websites.

To discuss your solar energy data requirements please email or telephone Tulip:

Telephone: TULIP on 0845 056 3593
Mobile: TULIP on 07053 544966