Data compliance has been very carefully governed over the past few years due to the increasing availability and vulnerability of personal data. Although a necessary step aimed to protect the rights of consumers, this persistent updating of compliance laws has made it difficult for debt management companies to remain contenders within the industry. Thankfully, compliant data providers have stepped up to provide opt-in data to deliver results without the compliance risk.

Lead Generation in Debt Management

According to Aviva, household debt in the UK has now reached an average of £13,520, 24 per cent higher than winter 2011 when this set of debt data was first recorded. This rising concern for many families has fuelled the growth of data management and solutions companies, who often receive fresh debt data from leading consumer data providers with thousands of contact details for those in need of support.
As a result, debt management companies are becoming one of the biggest users of opt-in data. In part, this change is also being drive of course by the fast-paced nature of the industry, which receives new clients on a daily basis.

The Issue of Compliance

The growth of UK household debt means the growth of debt management companies, but this success can lead to an increase in data breaches and compliance problems. It’s this problem that has prompted the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to become increasingly diligent. The OFT frequently reviews debt management guidance to ensure debt firms are following compliance guidelines when collecting data.
Although this process is beneficial for consumers, it has left many debt management companies with difficulties. Many companies have even received OFT warnings after failing to follow some of the new regulations that aim to keep data completely secure. Some of these regulations demand compliance with the Data Protection Act and the Information Commissioner’s Office, as well as appropriate licensing required for businesses that generate debt management leads.

Debt Management Leads at Seawave Media

Thankfully, there are many financial services data providers that regularly provide fully compliant debt management data to debt solutions companies. Seawave is a consumer data provider focused solely on lead generation and data collection. This means we ensure we’re always one step ahead when it comes to data compliance, reducing the risks for our clients and ensuring consumer data security.
At Seawave Media, we provide debt management data to meet the varied requirements of our clients. However, some of the most popular types of data include telephone survey leads, online survey leads, debt management plan leads and debt consolidation loan decline leads. This wide range of data is just one of the reasons we’re now the leading UK provider of debt management leads, responsible for supplying many of the leading debt management companies with campaign-specific data.
Dedicated to remaining at the top of our industry, we provide businesses with hundreds of new leads every day, while ensuring we only provide fully compliant data.
Our services means our customers bypass the issue of data compliance, avoiding costly fines and reducing the amount of time spent meeting the demands of regulations, to ultimately boost their ROI and increase their chances of success.

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