A huge number of consumers check their emails each and every day. Having a direct line to tens of thousands of potential customers’ inboxes gives companies a brilliant marketing advantage so it’s no surprise that email marketing is a popular tactic.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing provides the opportunity to communicate on a regular and direct basis with customers. It’s cheap and effective and, for companies with an online sales platform, it offers a very efficient route to the point of sale, pointing people to the exact products they’re interested in.
Furthermore, the more you think through and personalise the data lists your marketing team work from, the more accurate you can make new campaigns, targeting people with items they are more likely to show interest in. Using UK list brokers, businesses can gain access to opt in email lists and fully compliant data that has been specifically focused on a target group.

Hitting the Headlines

General advantages aside, email marketing has also made industry headlines in recent years as marketers begin to rediscover its benefits. According to one survey of 4,234 UK consumers, email is one of the most popular marketing triggers, with 64 per cent of consumers likely to pause their current task to follow an email link. The research, conducted by price comparison website Give as you Live, also revealed that email marketing tempts more consumers than social media posts and advertising, which each encouraged just 10 per cent to pursue a business link immediately.
A similar study mirrors these results, suggesting that the rise of the mobile device has triggered the revival of email marketing. According to an Experian study, over 50 per cent of emails are now opened on mobile devices, which are currently holding their position as the most popular type of device across the globe.

Fully Compliant Lead Generation

Despite the ease of use associated with email, many businesses struggle to meet the requirements of data compliance laws without significant financial investment.
Targeting polished campaigns at opt in email lists is the easy part, but ensuring those lists are fully compliant in the first place can require the help of industry professionals. Here at Seawave Media, we provide businesses with fully compliant data based on carefully compiled B2C lists and up to date email lists, which we can adapt to suit the needs of each business or individual marketing campaign.
As a top data provider, Seawave also provides a broadcast delivery service via multi-channel partners, boosting campaign cost efficiency and reducing the compliance responsibilities for individual businesses.

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