Thanks to modern technology it has become easier and easier for homeowners to keep a close watch on their utility bills and related services. Now it’s possible to use nothing more than an app to manage, adjust and sometimes even set up an account with utility companies. Unfortunately, what’s good news for customers has made it that bit harder for firms to win new custom from competitors.

The Ups and Downs of Utility Lead Generation

This is where lead generation comes in. With the help of fresh utility leads and boiler data, companies can contact potential customers soon after they express an interest in switching suppliers or seeking advice. This approach significantly increases chances of conversion and allows companies to position themselves as a leading provider almost immediately after consumers suggest they are interested in their services.
Despite the benefits associated with lead generation, some firms struggle to meet the frequently altered compliance standards set by Britain and the EU. This can result in businesses incurring fines or similar penalties following a breach in compliance, resulting in reduced ROI and an impact on the success of their marketing. Thankfully, lead generation firms and consumer data providers can deliver the benefits of utility leads and boiler data without many of the drawbacks.

Why Use a Consumer Data Provider?

As with all lead generation, consumer data providers are often favoured by utility and boiler companies hoping to avoid some of the issues related with data compliance. Unlike in-house lead generation teams, UK list brokers provide fully compliant data on a daily basis. This means many top data providers have all the safeguards in place to ensure they’re one step ahead of changes in data compliance laws, and always providing opt-in data that meets the required standards.
Many lead generation companies will also offer additional support including campaign management services, which are designed to reduce pressure on a company’s in-house team while cutting costs. Some of the most common services include validation and further compliance checks, lead formatting, multi-channel broadcasting options and data optimisation, all of which ensure companies receive data that delivers the return on investment they need.

Utility and Boiler Data at Seawave Media

At Seawave Media, we pride ourselves in providing accurate opt-in data that’s expertly tailored to requirements. As well as providing accurate and fully compliant data, we also ensure all of our utility leads and boiler data is sent out within 24 hours of generation. Combined with a replacement policy, this process ensures companies receive the data they need to achieve their goals.
As part of our service, Seawave also offer companies the option of running sponsored questions, which can increase the relevance of the data to their marketing campaign. Some firms choose to run these questions in combination with other consumer lifestyle survey questions, while others prefer to run them in isolation to ensure the collection of data that works on ROI.

To find out more about how our utility and boiler data lead generation can help your business, get in touch today