Landline Data

Our reliance on mobile phones may have altered our online habits, but many people are unable to secure an internet connection without a landline. This has ensured the continued popularity of landline phones in a world otherwise dominated by remote devices. When it comes to the younger generation, this reliance on landlines means millennials are still available to landline lead generation campaigns via their home telephone number.
However, the use of landlines in data collection could be in jeopardy following the rise of Telephone Preference Service (TPS) registrations on landline telephones. According to TPS data there are now 18 million landlines in the UK registered with the service, which works out at around 88 per cent of all household numbers compared to just 3 per cent of mobiles. With so few landline numbers now able to receive lead generation calls, many consumer data providers are turning to mobile and SMS data as an alternative.

Mobile Data

Consumer mobile data and SMS leads have grown in popularity and success at the same rate as the mobile phone itself. In fact, data released by comScore in 2014 revealed mobile phones had officially overtaken desktops as the main method of accessing the internet across the UK. This growing reliance on mobile is reflected in the increase in modern marketing campaigns, which increasingly consider mobile marketing to be more efficient than its landline counterpart.
Unfortunately, targeting mobile data is easier said than done, and many consumers are increasingly unreceptive when called on their mobile phone. This is particularly the case when it comes to targeting new consumers, who are less likely to commit to a new product or service via a mobile device. Another problem associated with SMS leads and mobile data is the expected surge in TPS on mobile devices. Although currently significantly below landline levels, mobile TPS registration is expected to surge within the next 12 months following the launch of the TPS mobile service in May 2016, meaning marketers interested in this service need to act quickly.

Consumer Lead Generation at Seawave

As a result of the growing complications associated with landline and mobile lead generation, many businesses are now turning to consumer data providers to provide fresh and accurate leads in the face of diminishing access to consumers. Here at Seawave Media we specialise in providing tailored lead generation services that continue to provide businesses with regularly updated and fully compliant data.
Whether you choose to focus on the mobile data market or you feel landline leads could still be right for your company, we will ensure you receive opt-in data that meets national compliance laws while achieving your marketing goals. As a company dedicated to delivering a variety of lead generation services, Seawave also provides businesses with the opportunity to outsource many other marketing services, including telemarketing that’s tailored to each of your data lists.

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