Mobile phones still dominate the world of devices, their popularity makes them an important consideration for marketing and particularly SMS and mobile data leads, which are now some of the most efficient and valued tactics in the lead generation and marketing industries.
SMS leads and mobile data lists are terms used to describe sets of mobile phone data collected and customised on behalf of businesses. Conducted via our data aggregators and affiliates, Seawave Media’s lead generation techniques include telephone and online surveys, registration insurance and finance enquiries. Each of these channels ensures fresh, opt-in data that meets the strict rules governing mobile data use. Due to the number of mobile phones owned by consumers across the UK, consumer data providers such as Seawave Media can offer a wide range of categories of mobile and SMS data, from finance and energy to lifestyle and travel.

Why Choose SMS and Mobile Data?

There are many different types of data available, but SMS leads offer a number of exclusive benefits that promise to help businesses achieve new levels of success with their marketing campaigns. One particularly advantageous feature of SMS leads is the direct nature of mobile communication, which can present businesses with immediate opportunities and increase return on investment (ROI). In fact, an Ofcom study has revealed that smartphones have now overtaken laptops as UK consumers’ number one device for internet access, with the majority of users spending two hours or more online each day. These findings highlight the ever-growing potential for fast marketing via mobile phones, which are now the number one communication device in a world where consumers are increasingly difficult to pinpoint.
Rising emphasis on the use of fully compliant data also renders SMS leads some of the most efficient available thanks to ease of validation. Professional and respectable data providers will ensure that SMS leads and consumer mobile data are verified to meet the strictest EU data laws. This helps to eliminate the possibility of data regulation breaches and reduces pressure on potentially strained modern businesses.

Seawave and SMS Lead Generation

The large number of potential lead generation opportunities available through mobile and SMS data are fully exploited by Seawave Media’s team of experienced data aggregators and affiliates. Unlike many businesses, we frequently update our lead generation techniques to ensure we only deliver opt in data that targets individual company requirements, while continuing to meet compliance standards.
Our SMS leads are also subjected to HLR validation, which confirms the status of mobile data before it is delivered to businesses. This process provides our aggregators with the information they need to confirm whether each set of data is invalid, active or inactive, ensuring every SMS lead sent to our clients is fresh and accurate.
At Seawave we work closely with businesses to ensure we are delivering the right data for their marketing goals. Through targeted customisation, we select from more than 40 data filters, including demographics and income, to ensure you achieve the best ROI possible.