As online marketing methods continue to dominate the industry it’s easy to overlook the many advantages of offline marketing channels. However, postal lists in particular remain an excellent option for lead generation, delivering a diverse range of data that can be easily customised to suit different marketing goals.

What Is Postal Data?

The term ‘postal list’ refers to a set of postal data collected through lead generation techniques such as consumer lifestyle surveys. Here at Seawave Media, we deliver postal lists via verified data aggregators and affiliates who provide fully compliant data that meets strict EU standards.
Postal lists can be adapted using a huge variety of different categories of information, from age and demographics to employment details and income. This array of consumer lifestyle data enables businesses to ensure they’re investing in accurate lead generation, adapted to their campaigns.

Why Combine Lead Generation Methods?

For some companies, the use of postal lead generation services is vital to the success of their marketing campaigns. Consumer data providers such as Seawave Media offer these companies accurate and fresh postal lists to enable successful postal marketing campaigns to get underway.
Digital marketing is the most common method of growing a business and often commands the biggest investment from marketing teams these days. However, the combination of online and offline marketing can help businesses to capitalise on their online marketing success.
Postal campaigns, for example, are an efficient method of following up successful email marketing to increase customer engagement. Conversely, some businesses choose to follow up a postal campaign with an SMS or email campaign that can boost engagement and increase response rate.
By combining lead generation techniques ahead of campaign implementation, marketers can ensure each data collection reflects the same goal and target market, boosting the chances of success and improving return on investment (ROI).

Postal Lists at Seawave Media

Seawave Media has years of experience with postal lists. Our lead generation techniques ensure we provide businesses with fully compliant opt-in data that can be easily customised to increase overall ROI.
We provide businesses with a choice between more than 40 different selects across a wide range of industries including finance, home, motor and travel, adapting to individual business sales strategies to generate leads that match your needs, and your budget.
Seawave is also happy to discuss business strategies with marketers to help you decide which lead generation channels will be best for your business. We encourage marketers to use postal lists as both standalone leads and as additions to alternative lead generation channels, boosting the effectiveness of online campaigns and increasing overall cost efficiency.