Data compliance and changes to pension guidelines have made it increasingly difficult for pensions companies to find and use pensions leads. Thankfully, consumer data providers such as Seawave Media have worked hard to ensure full compliance when generating pensions data, so pensions firms can leave the hardwork to us and be confident they are upholding regulations when it comes to their marketing activities.

Pensions Lead Generation

There are millions of people in the UK currently of retirement age and millions more already looking ahead when it comes to their finances. But many have their own individual idea about how they would like to contribute to and manage their pensions. This constantly changing market has encouraged the growth of a number of pensions creation and advisory firms, who make use of pensions leads and data to target those who would like to review or transfer their pensions options.
Lead generation has long been a favoured way for these companies to reach out to and contact potential customers. Providing regularly updated contact details of those who may need help or advice, lead generation is an essential part of the marketing process for most pensions services.
However, this process has become difficult in recent years due to multiple changes to pension guidelines, which threaten to make in-house lead generation unmanageable. Thankfully, top consumer data providers such as Seawave Media can provide compliant leads without the risk of fines or other consequences.

FSA Guidelines and Compliance

The UK government has begun a drive to encourage the uptake of pensions, and this has resulted in increasing opportunities for pensions service providers. Unfortunately, with this rise in the number of opportunities come tighter rules, and recent changes to FSA guidelines mean pensions advisors now need to ensure only fully compliant, opt-in data is used. Additionally, pensions services must ensure they only contact customers who would benefit from reviewing or transferring their pensions, so consumers only receive the best advice possible.
These changes have made it increasingly difficult for pensions companies to secure fully compliant data in-house without compromising company goals or FSA rules. The growing number of contacts that have to be retrospectively removed from data lists due to compliance issues also adds up to a weighty amount of management time..

Seawave Media and Pensions Leads

Here at Seawave Media we provide pensions companies with fully compliant data lists that meet FSA guidelines. Unlike pensions companies, we already have the processes in place to ensure all our data is complaint, and we ensure we help deliver to our clients’ marketing goals or budget by providing fresh pensions leads on a regular basis.
As a top lead generation firm, we are fully focused on finding the right customers for our clients. We provide leads to a range of pensions firms, from pensions review services to pensions transfer companies, and we adapt telemarketing questions to ensure the answers provided are relevant to the company in question. Our fully compliant data also meets all FSA guidelines, helping customers bypass issues with regulations and concentrate on their goals.

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