Lead generation has become one of the most successful and popular means of increasing sales for many different industries around the country. However, the home improvement industry has fallen behind due to a combination of high competition and tight budgets. However, consumer data providers like Seawave Media offer a range of services that can be tailored to almost any budget, all of which keep the focus on the delivery of fully compliant data.

Home Improvement Lead Generation

According to Statista, the UK home and garden market was worth an impressive €41.7 billion (£35 billion) in 2015, so it’s not surprising that there are thousands of home improvement companies based across the country. However, with so much competition, many firms have been forced to use more than just word of mouth and a basic website to encourage potential customers to consider their services.
Solar panel firms also suffer from a similar problem. According to the government, the amount of energy produced using solar panels in the UK increased by 87 per cent in 2015, suggesting a rising interest in this particular source of renewable energy. This explains the growing number of solar panel companies, who often target the residential market in a bid to provide solar energy to homeowners.
However, solar energy companies are struggling to gain accurate solar panel leads, and many customers are bypassing solar energy for more visible alternatives because sales programmes have failed to reach out to them directly.

Problems with Home Improvement Lead Generation

Home improvement leads are relied upon by a wide range of industry professionals, from loft insulating firms to boiler, to conservatory builders, but one thing every company is looking for from their leads is accurate and successful data and contacts to transform their sales.
Some companies seek to generate results in-house, but the increasing cost of compliance is making it harder and harder to achieve a decent return on investment through this approach.
As well as data compliance costs, businesses face a particularly difficult task unique to this sector. Unlike insurance companies, who will often receive an answer to an enquiry within one communication, in-house home improvements sales teams are regularly faced with long phone calls that ultimately result in uncertainty and a failed conversion.
To bypass this problem, home improvements companies are now turning to consumer data providers to establish interest quickly and efficiently, ensuring sales teams only work with data that is likely to convert to sale.
Many smaller home improvements companies are also faced with the issue of budget constraints, adding to the importance of ensuring an ROI on any marketing and lead generation expenditure. By making use of UK list brokers and lead generation services, home improvement companies get the benefit of experience and vast call centre affiliate lists, which can help them access the information they need to drive sales.

Home Improvement Data at Seawave

At Seawave Media we specialise in providing fully compliant data that can be adapted to meet the needs of any campaign and delivered within 24 hours. Our high quality home improvement data covers every area of the market, from home insulation leads and customised survey leads to solar panel leads, solar energy data and boiler data. Every data list produced by Seawave or our affiliates is delivered within 24 hours, ensuring that your team have the maximum chance of conversion. Data we hold could be selected for homeowners in postcodes as requested by you.
Unlike many other leads generation companies, Seawave Media also offers companies the option to include sponsored questions in telemarketing campaigns, which helps to ensure all data is as relevant as possible. This can increase the chances of successful lead generation and can be instigated without compromising the compliance of the opt-in data.

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