No matter how far the marketing industry advances, telemarketing remains one of the most popular and effective methods of lead generation available. Although originally created to help marketers generate leads outside their territory, telemarketing has now found its place as a more personal alternative to live web leads and online marketing methods.

The Advantages

There are many advantages to using telemarketing as part of a marketing campaign, but one of the most significant benefits is the fact that it provides the ability to deliver a more personal sales approach through one-on-one interaction. It also allows companies to have fully compliant leads and data opted in their brand name for their product and services.
Whether your telemarketing is based in-house or outsourced, the opportunity to speak to someone can spark the interest of potential customers and increase the success of the campaign. Telemarketing campaigns are also a cost-effective method of achieving fresh, accurate, and fully compliant data thanks to the ability of telemarketers to directly generate a set of opt in data in a matter of minutes.

Changes to Regulations

Despite these significant benefits, some companies continue to avoid telemarketing as a method of lead generation. The latest EU data law proposals, threaten to cause further reluctance among marketers to get involved in generating data from telemarketing. The new regulations will mean the introduction of rules such as the restriction of data to a single use and large fines for security breaches. Some worry that smaller businesses who don’t have the inhouse budgets needed to navigate these new laws may settle for simpler but potentially less effective marketing methods .

The Benefit of Outsourcing

However, the option to outsource gives these companies another choice: consumer data providers and lead generation companies such as Seawave Media, who use their channel partners for telemarketing and other lead generation services to provide businesses with fresh, fully compliant data, delivered to clients’ specific needs.
As with telemarketing in general, there are many advantages to outsourcing lead generation in this manner, not least of which is the reduction in staffing costs. Rather than relying on a permanent in-house marketing team, smaller businesses can reduce costs and request opt-in data from UK list brokers as and when they need it.
Outsourced telemarketing also ensures your most efficient marketers are focused on your whole campaign, rather than being spread too thin. Contact Seawave today to find out how telemarketing can help push your marketing campaigns to the next level.